ONE Bowl, YOUR Voice Workshop

Have you bought a crystal singing bowl and wondered what the heck you can do with it besides make a gorgeous sound?  

I know the feeling!  I bought 7 bowls 10 years ago, spread them around my house and had NO IDEA what to do with them except how to DONG them!  Since then I have come up with a list from my own personal experience and from what others have shared with me.  

This workshop is ALL about how to make the most out of your precious bowl!  And all you need is ONE BOWL and YOUR VOICE!

What You Will Discover!

  • The science of sound and how it relates to your one bowl and voice.
  • How to get to know your bowl.
  • Why you DON’T need 7 bowls for each chakra!
  • How to get over your many voice and “I’m not musical” issues so you can actually USE YOUR VOICE as a tool to release stress, anxiety, fears, inhibitions and FEEL FREE again! 
  • The many benefits of vocal toning with a crystal singing bowl, how this is being applied in the “real world” and the ways YOU might want to use your bowl in your world!
  • How to tone with your ONE bowl to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the chakras and all of those happy and relaxing hormones!
  • Intuitive toning in a group for the purpose of “healing”.
  • How to create your own affirmation/manifestation songs to make your intentions even MORE powerful!
  • Manifesting/healing “tricks”you can do with your voice and one bowl for yourself, others and the world! 
  • And any other creative ideas I have discovered along the way!

Don’t buy a bowl and then just admire its beauty from a distance … start USING it!  And notice how energy “shifts” in your life … AND how it can be used as a supportive tool in your life and in the life of your loved ones or with the people you work with in the world!  

Let’s get these bowls OUT THERE and USED (!!!) into the world one by one! 

It starts by YOU getting to know YOUR bowl and it’s potential … especially when you add YOUR VOICE to it! 

Who is This Workshop For?

For doulas, pregnant women, yoga teachers, teachers, parents, energy healers, retreat/workshop facilitators, sound healers, those recovering from illness, those working in the wellness industry, men, women, anyone who loves sound who already owns ONE bowl or who wants to own ONE bowl! 

Frequently Asked Questions!

Do I have to already own a bowl?

Nope! I can help you choose and purchase your own after the workshop.  By then you'll have a better idea on which pitch and size you desire!

I can't sing!  I'm not musical etc etc Can I come too?


This workshop will show you that no matter what you believe about your voice and musical capabilities you CAN use your voice for the purpose of healing, relaxation and energising.  EVERYONE has "issues" around using their voice and playing music ... you're definitely not the only one!  I STILL do! Haha. We will be covering all of this stuff too so that you can then make the conscious CHOICE to USE your voice despite the beliefs you hold about your voice! Yay!  Freedom!


Dates for 2020

19th Jan 

15th March 

17th May

26th July

13th Sept

15th Nov

Please choose a date that suits you from the list in the order form!

Time: 2:00 - 5:00

Where: 629 Canning Mills Road, Martin (near Roleystone)

What to bring: your bowl (if you already have one), your voice, notebook.

What's included: Online course, snacks and tea!

Both Workshops!

If you also want to come to the "Journey into Sound" workshop  that is held in the morning you CAN!  You will also get a discount for attending BOTH!  $200 for BOTH workshops! Save $40!

YES PLEASE I WANT TO COME TO BOTH WORKSHOPS!! Email me and I'll send you a special link...


See you soon!


Nicole xx

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