Sound Facilitator Training!

 Learn how to facilitate sound journeys YOUR way!

Let me 'hold your hand' as you EXPLORE sound, DISCOVER what you love about sound and start SHARING sound with others over a 12 month period.

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Are YOU Drawn to Sound?

Do you LOVE sound and dream of facilitating your very own sound journeys for intimate or large groups of people?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the choices of instruments you could use, pitches and sizes of crystal singing bowls and how you would actually go about running a session?

Do you lack in confidence when it comes to facilitating a sound journey for a group and feel you need a bit of coaching before you get started?

Well I'm here to "hold your hand"!

How did I get into all this?

Great question!

When I first received my set of bowls 10 years ago I really had NO IDEA what I was going to do with them all! I figured it out along the way ... but I would have LOVED to have had a coach to give me some useful tips and ideas on how to play, when to play, where to play, who to play for, why I play and what to play and say!

Luckily I had a music background (Bachelor of Music on the massive double bass in case you want to know...) and an interest (more like passion)  in sound and music therapy, so I drew on what I already knew and felt the fear and started offering sound journeys anyway!

I have now been facilitating sound journeys since 2010 at yoga centres, wellness retreats, birthday parties, memorial services and more and am ready to share what I have learnt along the way ... WITH YOU! 

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What You Will Learn?

  • The ART of listening and facilitating a sound journey!
  • The science of sound
  • How to choose, look after and play your bowls and other instruments
  • How to introduce and end a session
  • How to get your group involved - playing instruments, using their voice, manifesting, sharing
  • How to incorporate intention, healing and manifesting into your sessions.
  • Benefits of and how to use your voice for healing and manifesting.
  • What NOT to do!
  • How to adapt your session according to the group of people and event eg. ceremonies, yoga centres, schools, kids, seniors, special needs, corporate and more!
  • Guest Speakers (see below)
  • Marketing tips from marketing experts and experienced business owners Simon Gray and Rainbow Pammy!
  • And of course LOTS of practice playing in front of the group and receiving useful and positive feedback!
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Meet a few of my current participants!  Here they are running they're very first sound journey at the training!  

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Special Guest Speakers EXCLUSIVE to This Training!

Because I'm no expert on EVERYTHING about sound I'll bring IN the experts ... Just for YOU!

Having the contacts in the sound world is important, especially when starting out, to ensure you receive the best advice, feedback, teachers and instruments ... which is why I include these special guests in my training!

Here's a list:

Julian Silburn from Sound Alchemy will share his extensive experience in facilitating sound journeys for a variety of groups and settings.  He will share his knowledge on the science and healing effects of sound.  Julian is predominantly a didgeridoo player, taught by Yolngu elders in Arnhemland and Noongar elders in Western Australia. 


Paul Ford from Gongwalkabout will bring in his MASSIVE gong and teach us all about the history of gongs, how they are made, the different types, how to choose your gongs, how to play a gong, how to choose mallets for your gong and he will of course give us a taste of his magical sound journey!  Paul is also able to help choose your gong straight from the source in Germany! 


Here are a few pics from the last sound training!

Here's me on the left emerging myself in the gong vibrations... OMG I just wanted to dive into them! 

An experience you'll never forget and will inspire you to move even deeper into the sound journey world.


Chris Kallahah is a Native American Flute player from HeartSong who will share with you the history of, how to choose and how to play these beautiful instruments!


Eugine Macca will share what he knows about the beautiful Hand Pans - history of, where to buy, which to buy and why, how to play!


What's Included?

  • 4 weekend workshops over a 4 month period with me!
  • 2 private sessions with me to assist with choosing your bowls or other instruments and to fine tune your skills.
  • Access to the Sound Facilitator Membership site for 12 months - includes online course, homework, resources, updates, podcasts, access to me!

When Does the Next Training Begin?

31st August - 1st September
28th - 29th September
2nd - 3rd November
7th - 8th December

TIME: 10:00 - 5:00

WHERE: The SoundBirth Studio in Bedfordale, Perth, Western Australia (address given on booking)

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For 2019 ONLY the cost will be $1650 (inc GST).  From 2020 prices WILL be increasing! 

Here's what you are receiving for this price!

  • ME and my musical experience, resources and connections in the sounds world.
  • Exclusive workshops with other sound facilitators.
  • Once my training has been approved through IICT you can be insured as a Sound Facilitator (in process at the moment).
  • Video updates with tips and tools as they arise only to be found on membership site.
  • Community of other sound lovers and participants of the training via membership site.
  • Sharing of your sound events on Facebook once you start getting out there!
  • Once you have been certified you can be listed on SoundBirth website as an approved Sound Facilitator (if you continue to be a member of membership site each year)
  • AND most importantly SOMEONE TO HOLD YOUR HAND during the first 12 months of your Sound Journey!

Need a Payment Plan Sorted? 

Yes I can do this for you!

There is an option for paying 5 monthly instalments at link above!  Lucky you!

Why Train With Me?

I have studied music all my life gaining a Bachelor of Music degree in 1996 which enables me to assist with choosing pitches, harmonies and bring your awareness to the musical aspect of facilitating a sound journey. 

I created SoundBirth so have experience in starting a business and using crystal singing bowls for different purposes.

I have always been interested in the power of music and sound which has led to attending workshops reading books on the topic.

Because I LOVE to teach!  My style of teaching is "student centred" so even though I have a plan I still mostly work WITH the individual needs of the participants in the group! 

I have 8 years of experience facilitating sound for a variety of individuals groups and settings.

I am in the process of becoming an IICT approved trainer so that my trainings will be approved so you can get insurance.

And most importantly 

I BELIEVE IN YOU ... and in your natural musical abilities ... and that you WILL find your OWN STYLE of facilitating a sound journey!

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  • “There's alot to be said about a heart centred approach to learning. This sound training is empowering and educational and in alignment with my own beliefs in freedom of exploration and expression.”

    Owner of Stellar Emergence

  • “I purchased a set of bowls through Nicole and she was so helpful and supportive. I then joined her sound training and learnt lots of great tips and different ways of using my bowls. Thank you Nicole for all your advice, help and continued support!”

    Owner of Soul Healing Services

  • “I have enjoyed learning about the knowledge and different ways to play particular instruments. The musical knowledge Nicole provides is amazing as your guaranteed support on how to choose the right instruments in the direction you would like to take. Sound journeys seem to amaze me over and over again, in the way it shifts the energy and allows you to bring yourself back to self.”

    Mother of 3, Reiki practitioner, Soon to be Sound Facilitator!

  • “Nicole is willing to share her knowledge and assist you on your journey into facilitating your own sound sessions. Delivery of her workshop was sooooo easy to understand, Nicole encourages your learning in a positive and inspirational environment she has an amazing amount of knowledge, sunny energy and drive in this space. Nicole is also an awesome mentor and extremely supportive of your experiences which you also bring to the space.”

    Owner of Just Being